$10 Million Boost for Road Safety Upgrades in the ACT

ACT, Australia

The Australian and ACT governments have partnered to commit $10 million towards reducing deaths and injuries on Canberra roads. This joint investment, part of the national Road Safety Program, will fund 18 projects aimed directly at enhancing road safety. The upgrade projects include replacing non-compliant safety barriers, new bikeways, widening shared pathway networks, and intersection improvements. Additionally, new pedestrian crossings and active-transport infrastructure will be introduced across the ACT to improve pedestrian safety. The investment will also focus on improving safety on the urban road network by installing new safety barriers, audio tactile line-marking, and sealing road shoulders at high-risk locations. Works such as speed cushions, reduced speed limits in high-risk areas, fixing footpaths and bike path missing links, and safe crossing facilities will be implemented, especially around school zones. The upgrade projects are expected to create 30 jobs and be completed by 30 June 2025.