ABS Partners with IIS Partners for 2026 Census Privacy Impact Assessment, Ensuring Privacy by Design Approach

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Article: The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has announced its partnership with IIS Partners (Information Integrity Solutions) for the second phase of the 2026 Census of Population and Housing Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA).

This marks the first time that the ABS is conducting three separate privacy impact assessments for the Census, highlighting the significance placed on privacy considerations in the design and use of Census data.

Duncan Young, the ABS head of Census, expressed his satisfaction in continuing the “privacy by design” approach to the 2026 Census and working with IIS Partners for the next phase.

In consultation with stakeholders, the ABS aims to identify privacy risks and concerns, understand known risks, and develop a robust risk mitigation strategy.

Having completed the first phase of the Privacy Impact Assessment in early 2024, IIS Partners will now proceed with the second phase, expected to be completed by late 2024.

The ABS is taking a phased approach to the Privacy Impact Assessments as it prepares for the largest and one of the most important statistical collections, the 2026 Census.

The 2026 Census will adopt a “privacy by design” and “security by design” approach, integrating good privacy practices into the design specifications of new systems and processes.

Understanding and minimizing privacy impacts or risks for individuals are critical components of this approach.

For more information on the 2026 Census, including updates on the Privacy Impact Assessment, interested parties can visit the ABS website.

The Census will provide a comprehensive snapshot of Australia’s changing demographics, telling the story of who we are as a nation.