ACT Government Invests in Expanded Health Services and Community Facilities in Gungahlin

ACT, Australia

Article: The ACT Government is making significant strides in enhancing health and community services in Gungahlin, with a new health centre, an ACTAS Ambulance and Fire Station, and an indoor sports facility in the pipeline. The 2024-25 ACT Budget will fund the design and construction of the health centre in North Gungahlin, bringing more free health services closer to the community. The North Gungahlin Health Centre, to be built on Kingsland Parade in Casey, will provide easier access to preventative health services and treatment for chronic diseases. The Centre will be staffed by a multidisciplinary team of health professionals, including nurses and allied health workers. The ACT Government is also working on additional community uses for the remaining blocks on the 2.4-hectare site, including an indoor sports facility and a new ACTAS Ambulance and Fire Station. Community consultation on the services and design of the new North Gungahlin Health Centre begins today, providing an opportunity for locals to share their thoughts and ideas. The investment is a direct result of the ACT’s new planning system, which aims to better connect people with the services they need.