ACT Introduces Individual Water Metering for New Apartments and Units

ACT, Australia

Article: The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Government has announced plans to implement individual water metering for new unit developments, aiming to create a fairer billing system for apartment residents. The new system, set to take effect in 2025 for Class B units and 2028 for Class A units, will allow unit owners to only pay for the water they use, rather than a fixed charge divided among all owners.

Minister for Planning Chris Steel emphasized the importance of modernizing water metering in mixed-use developments as the city grows and housing choices diversify. Icon Water and the Unit Titles Reform Project Consultative Group are collaborating with the government to advance this proposal.

Minister for Water, Energy, and Emissions Reduction Shane Rattenbury highlighted the benefits of individual water metering, stating that it will make the system fairer and encourage water conservation. He noted that individual billing will enable households to monitor their water usage, identify opportunities for reduction, and ultimately help the environment and save money.

Icon Water will be responsible for implementing the new metering system, using collected data to inform decisions about water supply infrastructure, identify leaks, and facilitate faster repairs. For more information, visit the ACT Planning website.