AFP Strengthens Policing Partnership with Tonga,

Australia, Police

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) has reinforced its commitment to combating transnational crime, domestic violence, and child abuse by strengthening its partnership with Tonga Police and providing new equipment. During Assistant Commissioner Nigel Ryan’s recent visit to Tonga, the AFP delivered critical equipment, including handheld radios, base stations, and ancillary supporting equipment, to complete the final stage of Tonga Police’s radio project. Additionally, the AFP provided digital interviewing machines to enhance the Domestic Violence Unit’s ability to prosecute investigations related to domestic violence and child abuse.

Assistant Commissioner Ryan praised the strong collaboration and policing partnership between Australia and Tonga, emphasizing the enduring friendship and commitment to ensuring a safe and secure Pacific. The visit included the formal opening of Tonga Police’s new Transnational Crime Unit, which will play a crucial role in domestic and international investigations. The AFP members also participated in the Families Free of Violence event, discussing the goal of providing better quality services and ongoing support for survivors of family violence in Tonga.

Under the Pacific Immediate Initiatives program, Assistant Commissioner Ryan presented musical instruments and sound equipment, along with new name tags for Tonga Police uniforms. These contributions further demonstrate the AFP’s dedication to enhancing Tonga Police’s capabilities in combating evolving law enforcement challenges across various crime types.

The visit reaffirmed the united goals under the Tonga-Australia Police Partnership (TAPP) and fostered the exchange of valuable policing insights. As both the AFP and Tonga Police continue to drive further improvements, this partnership aims to create a safer and more secure Pacific region.

Overall, the strengthened partnership between the AFP and Tonga Police, along with the provision of new equipment, highlights the commitment to effectively combat transnational crime, domestic violence, and child abuse. This collaboration serves as a significant step towards ensuring the safety and well-being of communities in both Australia and Tonga.