AFP Supports Sri Lanka Police in Combating People Smuggling

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Article: The Australian Federal Police (AFP) is providing support to the Sri Lanka Police (SLP) in their efforts to combat people smuggling. In a recent development, the AFP has commissioned a new office in Trincomalee on Sri Lanka’s east coast and officially handed it over to SLP’s Human Trafficking, Smuggling Investigations, and Maritime Crime Investigations Division (HTSIMCID). This new office is equipped with modern IT equipment and furniture, providing enhanced facilities for the local SLP workforce and residential accommodation for the officer in charge of Trincomalee.

To further strengthen the capabilities of SLP, AFP members conducted a comprehensive training program for 30 SLP officers in Trincomalee. The training covered theoretical and practical lessons in searching, seizing, and exhibiting evidence, specifically tailored for people smuggling investigations.

Superintendent Rob Wilson, AFP Senior Officer posted in Sri Lanka, highlighted the ongoing collaboration between the AFP and Sri Lankan authorities in combating people smuggling operations. He emphasized the importance of targeting these operations to prevent highly dangerous and illegal maritime ventures to Australia. Such ventures not only endanger the lives of those involved but also impact both the Australian and Sri Lankan communities.

The AFP’s support has greatly benefited the SLP, enabling their officers to handle a broader range of investigations, particularly those related to illegal maritime ventures. The relationship between the AFP and SLP dates back to 2009, and through this partnership, operational success has been achieved by providing SLP officers with essential training and equipment.

Efforts to combat people smuggling require close cooperation between international law enforcement agencies. The AFP’s support to SLP demonstrates the commitment to detecting, deterring, and disrupting people smuggling ventures, thereby safeguarding lives and protecting the interests of both Australia and Sri Lanka.

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