ANZ Partners with AFP to Combat Child Sexual Abuse,

Australia, Police

The ACCCE, led by the Australian Federal Police (AFP), focuses on combating child abuse, including sextortion, live online child sexual abuse, and organized child sexual abuse networks. By embedding an ANZ specialist within the ACCCE’s Intelligence Fusion Cell, the AFP hopes to strengthen its efforts in identifying, locating, and rescuing victims and children at risk of sexual abuse and exploitation.

ANZ’s commitment to real-time intelligence sharing and collaboration with law enforcement will aid in prosecuting offenders involved in the production and distribution of sexually abusive material involving children for profit. The partnership between ANZ and the AFP will enable them to share real-time intelligence and dismantle child sexual abuse networks efficiently.

The ACCCE brings together specialized expertise and skills to support investigations into online child sexual exploitation and develop prevention strategies for a safer online environment. The collaboration between ANZ and the AFP signifies the importance of joint efforts to stop child exploitation and abuse.

ANZ’s Head of Financial Crime Threat Management, Milan Gigovic, expressed the bank’s dedication to combatting serious crimes, including child exploitation. ANZ’s financial crime team utilizes specialized algorithms and intelligence tools to analyze billions of transactions, ensuring the swift identification and prosecution of perpetrators.

The AFP and its partners encourage members of the public to report any information about individuals involved in child abuse to the ACCCE. In case of an immediate threat or ongoing abuse, the public is urged to contact the police immediately. Support services are also available for those impacted by child sexual abuse and online exploitation.

It is important to use the term “Child Abuse Material” instead of “Child Pornography” to accurately reflect the gravity of the crimes and the harm inflicted on victims. The move to this terminology in Commonwealth legislation in 2019 aims to counteract the benefits child sex abusers receive from the phrase “child pornography.”

This partnership between ANZ and the AFP highlights the significance of collaboration across industries, law enforcement, and government in combating child sexual abuse. The real-time intelligence sharing and expertise exchange will enhance the investigative capabilities of both agencies, ultimately leading to more effective outcomes in the fight against child exploitation.