“Australian Border Force Seizes Over 18,000 Illegal Vapes Worth $540,000”

Australia, Police

The Australian Border Force (ABF) has thwarted the arrival of over 18,000 illegal vaping products worth an estimated street value of $540,000 in Sydney.

The seizure, which took place earlier this month, involved an air cargo consignment weighing more than 2.

The shipment, initially declared as small clothing items, was discovered to contain approximately 18,000 disposable vapes.

The items are set for destruction in the coming weeks, and investigations into the consignment’s origin and intended recipient are ongoing.

Since the beginning of 2024, the ABF has seized around 350,000 vapes nationally, with assistance from federal partners like the Therapeutic Goods Administration and state health departments.

The importation of disposable vapes was banned from 1st January, and this ban was expanded to include all non-therapeutic vapes from 1st March.

The ABF’s Aviation Goods Superintendent, Asha Patwardhan, noted that people are starting to understand that Australia is not a market for illicit vaping products.

The ABF is experienced in preventing the importation of various illicit goods and is equipped to tackle such challenges.

Patwardhan also encouraged travellers to use the surrender bins to dispose of any vapes before being seized by officers.

The fight against vaping is complex and requires a societal approach, including health, education, and environmental considerations.