Australia’s Major Airports See Significant Profit and Passenger Increase Post-Pandemic

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Article: The four largest airports in Australia, namely Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney, recorded a return to profit in 2022-23 in their aeronautical operations, according to the latest Airport Monitoring Report from the ACCC.

This marks the first full financial year since the end of COVID-19 travel restrictions, signaling a remarkable recovery for the aviation industry.

The combined number of passengers passing through these airports reached 100.

Despite this impressive growth, domestic passenger numbers were still 10.

Perth Airport led the way with an aeronautical operating profit margin of 34.

Sydney Airport (29.

Brisbane Airport (28.

Melbourne Airport (22.

All four airports recorded higher profit margins than the previous year, with Perth Airport surpassing its 2018-19 level.

The combined investment in aeronautical operations reached $559 million in 2022-23, with Melbourne Airport contributing a significant portion for facilities such as roads, taxiways, and terminals.

Car parking operations also saw a surge in profits, with the airports collectively earning $337 million, an increase of 168% from the previous year.

The overall quality of service at each airport was rated as ‘good’, based on data collected from passengers, airlines, and objective measures of performance.

Earlier this year, the ACCC recommended that commercial arbitration should be available to resolve disputes between airports and airlines over airport charges.

The ACCC also recommended a review of the Aeronautical Pricing Principles to make them mandatory and enforceable.

These principles set the framework for addressing prices, service delivery, and the conduct of airports in negotiations with airlines.

The ACCC continues to monitor the performance of the largest airports in relation to aeronautical and car parking services, ensuring fair prices, costs, and profits.

The possible ratings for airport quality of services range from ‘very poor’, ‘poor’, ‘satisfactory’, ‘good’, to ‘excellent’.