“Belco Skatepark Revamped with New Half-Pipe”

ACT, Australia

Article: The Belco Skatepark in Canberra has received a major upgrade with the opening of a new seven-metre tall half-pipe. The vert ramp, built in sections and assembled like a giant Meccano set, is part of the ACT Government’s biggest ever program to improve suburban infrastructure. The project includes lighting, landscaping, and two murals. The first mural, painted by James Houlcroft, features pigeon-headed figures representing the diverse skateboarding community. The second mural, painted by Eddie Mo and Paul Licayan, replicates the underside of a skateboard, symbolizing the park’s history and culture. The new half-pipe, which can host both amateur and professional competitions, is expected to attract visitors from around the world and encourage more locals to get involved in skateboarding and BMX.