Brisbane Man Sentenced to Prison for Online Child Abuse,

Australia, Police

The man was linked to the illegal online activity, leading to a search warrant being executed at his West End home in April 2022. During the arrest, devices containing child abuse material were seized, including a mobile phone and two hard drives. A subsequent search warrant executed in Brisbane City resulted in the seizure of another electronic device with similar content.

After being released on bail, the man failed to attend court in September 2022, resulting in his arrest and charge for breaching bail. This arrest led to the discovery of another mobile phone with evidence of child abuse material. The man pleaded guilty to the charges and was sentenced to four years and nine months in prison, with a non-parole period of two years.

Detective Acting Inspector Tim Murphy emphasized the AFP’s commitment to investigating and charging offenders involved in child exploitation and sexual abuse. He urged the public to realize that viewing such material is a crime and that law enforcement agencies are dedicated to combating child sexual abuse.

The ACCCE, in collaboration with its partners, is actively working to prevent child exploitation and abuse. It brings together specialized expertise and skills to support investigations into online child sexual exploitation and develop prevention strategies for a safer online environment.

Members of the public with information about people involved in child abuse are encouraged to contact the ACCCE. Immediate assistance is available by calling the police on 000 if abuse is occurring or a child is at risk. Support services for those impacted by child sexual abuse and online exploitation can be found on the ACCCE’s website.

Overall, this case highlights the ongoing efforts of law enforcement agencies to combat child exploitation and protect the well-being of children.