“Canberra Theatre Centre Revitalisation Project Moves Forward”

ACT, Australia


The Canberra Theatre Centre revitalisation project is set to receive funding from the ACT Government in the 2024-25 budget. The project will utilize an early contractor involvement (ECI) delivery model to engage an industry partner to work alongside Major Projects Canberra. The procurement process will commence in July 2024, with construction approvals expected to be sought in 2025.

The expanded theatre centre aims to enhance the Civic area as a live entertainment and hospitality destination, leading to more jobs in the arts, hospitality, and construction sectors. This project aligns with the ACT Government’s plan for building long-term infrastructure projects that allow communities to connect through the arts and events.

Quotes from ACT Chief Minister, Andrew Barr, emphasize the project’s significance in providing once-in-a-century infrastructure projects, contributing to Canberra’s world-leading quality of life. Minister for Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy, Tara Cheyne, adds that the project is city-shaping and will benefit the arts, arts workers, audiences, and the creative economy in Canberra.

The collaborative approach to the build is deemed appropriate for a project of this significance, integrating design and construction, optimizing delivery outcomes and timeframes, and providing value for money.