“Cigarette Smuggling Racket Busted at Sydney Airport, Nine Japanese Nationals Deported”

Australia, Police

In an extensive bust at the Sydney International Airport, the Australian Border Force (ABF) apprehended nine Japanese nationals attempting to import a staggering total of over 330,000 undeclared cigarettes.

The tourists, who arrived on three separate flights from Tokyo, were discovered with large quantities of undeclared cigarettes in their luggage.

The first incident involved six male Japanese nationals who were stopped by ABF officers on Friday, July 5, 2024, after arriving on two separate flights from Tokyo.

They were found carrying a total of 225,700 undeclared cigarettes, evading approximately $305,175 in duty.

A single passenger had a whopping 43,500 undeclared cigarettes.

The following day, on Saturday, July 6, 2024, three more male Japanese nationals were apprehended at the same airport, again arriving from Tokyo.

This time, the seizure amounted to 104,545 undeclared cigarettes, with a value of approximately $133,625 in evaded duty.

All nine passengers had their undeclared cigarettes confiscated, and were refused immigration clearance.

They were held under s189 (1) of the Migration Act 1958, and deported.

ABF Inspector Clint Unwin said the rules regarding bringing cigarettes into Australia from a duty-free perspective are well-established but appear to have been deliberately ignored in these cases.

He advised anyone considering similar smuggling attempts to think twice, stating, “Not only have they lost their haul of cigarettes and wasted airfare, but by having their visas cancelled, they now face an exclusion period of up to three years from re-entering Australia.

Passengers with queries about what can be brought into Australia can check the ABF website here: www.

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