EU Shows Solidarity as Greece Assists Cyprus in Battling Wildfires

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Article: In a display of solidarity, the European Union (EU) has mobilized aid to combat the devastating wildfires raging in Cyprus. Following a request for assistance from the Mediterranean island nation, Greece has promptly sent two firefighting planes to the Paphos region. This marks the first activation of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism during this year’s wildfire season.

In a proactive approach to preparedness, the EU has established a fleet of 32 aerial firefighting assets and positioned 556 firefighters across Europe. These measures aim to swiftly respond to and manage the increasing wildfire threats faced by member states.

Additionally, the EU is currently supporting eight wildfire prevention projects, aimed at strengthening national resilience capacities. The projects focus on enhancing prevention efforts, ensuring efficient response coordination, and improving overall wildfire management.

Expressing gratitude for Greece’s swift response, Commissioner for Crisis Management, Janez Lenarčič, applauded the deployment of the two firefighting aircraft. He emphasized that this act of EU solidarity demonstrates practical cooperation in times of crisis.

The EU Emergency Response Coordination Centre remains vigilant, closely monitoring the situation, and stands prepared to provide further assistance as required. The mobilization of resources and collaborative efforts within the EU underline the commitment to safeguarding member states against the devastating impact of wildfires.