Grosvenor Mine Workers Secure Job Certainty Amidst Shutdown,

Australia, Workforce

In a positive development for Grosvenor mine workers, the Mining and Energy Union (MEU) announced on July 5, 2024, an agreement with Anglo to extend pay and offer redeployment pathways. The mine was recently closed due to a fire. MEU Queensland District President Mitch Hughes commended Anglo for their cooperative approach and commitment to exploring workforce solutions.

Under the agreement, workers will continue to receive their normal pay until the end of August. This gives Anglo time to assess workforce needs and plan for the recovery of the Grosvenor mine. Anglo has pledged to redeploy workers to its other operations wherever possible and to collaborate with the wider industry to secure jobs for Grosvenor workers.

Hughes expressed relief that workers can now enjoy financial security in the short term and will be supported in securing long-term employment. Both the unions and the company will work together to ensure that each worker is provided with suitable employment options and that all commitments are upheld.