“Household Spending in Australia: A Tale of Two Categories”

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Article: Household spending in Australia is showing a marginal increase, according to the latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

The figures indicate a 0.

May compared to the same period last year, a significant slowdown from the 2.


ABS head of business statistics, Robert Ewing, highlights the stark contrast between spending on non-discretionary goods and services and discretionary items.

While the former saw a 1.

Geographically, Queensland and South Australia led the increase in spending, up by 2.

The rise in these states was primarily due to higher spending on health and miscellaneous goods and services, including child care, professional services, and personal care.

The ABS is in the process of enhancing its monthly household spending indicator, with the updated data expected to be available from August 2024.

This enhanced data will provide a more detailed picture of household spending trends across Australia.