“Hugh de Kretser Appointed President of Australian Human Rights Commission: A New Phase in Human Rights Advocacy”

Australia, Human Rights

Article: In a significant development in Australian human rights advocacy, Hugh de Kretser has been appointed as the President of the Australian Human Rights Commission. With over two decades of experience as a dedicated advocate for human rights, de Kretser is poised to lead the Commission into its next phase. His tenure commences on 30 July.

Last month, Chief Executive Leanne Smith and President Emeritus Professor Rosalind Croucher AM attended the annual meeting of the Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions (GANHRI). The Commission was formally re-accredited as an ‘A status’ NHRI, a significant achievement in accordance with the Paris Principles. The event also saw a thematic conference on Business and Human Rights, where innovative solutions to human rights challenges in business were shared.

Following the recommendation for a binding International Convention on the Rights of Older Persons, Age Discrimination Commissioner Robert Fitzgerald AM launched a new interview series. His first guest, Rosalind Croucher, explored ageing positively and the challenges older persons face from a human rights perspective. The interview is available on the Commission’s YouTube channel.

Encouraging developments were also seen in discussions with colleagues from Papua New Guinea’s Department of Justice and Attorney General, who are exploring the possibility of establishing their own National Human Rights Institution. The Commission shared knowledge and experiences on promoting and protecting human rights.

The Free + Equal Conference in Sydney is an upcoming event, marking another step forward in the Australian human rights landscape. With de Kretser at the helm, the Australian Human Rights Commission is set to make significant strides in promoting and protecting human rights.