“Long-Overdue Report Reveals Safety Lapses at Callide Power Station”

Australia, Workforce

In a report released today, the Mining and Energy Union (MEU) expressed concern over a culture of poor risk management by CS Energy, the operator of the Callide power station in Queensland. The report, which was published over three years after the May 2021 explosion that tore through the C4 Unit of the power station, provides some transparency and insight into what occurred.

According to the report, a series of technical failures around a battery charger change-out triggered the explosion. The report identifies a lack of risk management process and understanding by CS Energy of risks associated with the operation. The MEU Queensland President Mitch Hughes stated that it was a miracle no one was killed and that workers needed transparency and reassurance that it would not happen again.

The report also identified contextual factors, including the energy transition meaning the attention and resources of the power station operator were directed towards transition projects, distracting from the core business of the safe operation of power stations. Hughes said that the report showed that CS Energy had dropped the ball on risk management in a major way. The MEU will be working with its members to ensure that their concerns are fully addressed and that they are able to have open discussions with their employer about risk management going forward.