New Modelled Regional Labour Market Data Provides Better Insight into Australian Employment,

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Article: The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has released new modelled regional labour market data, offering a more accurate and detailed picture of employment and unemployment across different regions of Australia.

This innovative approach combines data from the existing Labour Force Survey with additional sources to provide a comprehensive view of regional labour markets.

According to Bjorn Jarvis, the head of labour statistics at ABS, the release of this significantly improved data is exciting as it provides regions across Australia with a better indication of the state of their labour market and how it changes over time.

By incorporating administrative data, such as Single Touch Payroll reporting and social assistance payments, along with survey information, the ABS aims to make its data even more useful and targeted.

Previously, regional labour market statistics relied solely on responses to the Labour Force Survey, which resulted in more variable data for these areas compared to national and state-level data.

With the introduction of the new modelled estimates, data quality has improved across all regions, with the greatest enhancements seen in less populated areas and outside of the capital cities.

The ABS will continue to add these modelled estimates to the detailed Labour Force release, ensuring that policymakers, businesses, and individuals have access to timely and accurate information about regional labour markets.

The ABS is also working towards developing improved regional labour force estimates at lower-level areas, as well as age and sex breakdowns, further enhancing the usefulness of the data.

To assist users in understanding and interpreting the new data, the ABS has released a Regional labour market data guide.

The guide provides valuable insights into the ABS’s journey in producing these new estimates and offers information on the methodology used.

Overall, the release of the new modelled regional labour market data is a significant step forward in providing more precise and targeted information on employment and unemployment trends across Australia.

By leveraging innovative approaches and incorporating additional data sources, the ABS is meeting the growing demand for detailed regional and community information.