No New Unauthorized Maritime Arrivals: September Update on Operation Sovereign Borders

Australia, Police

During the month of September 2022, there were no new unauthorized maritime arrivals (UMAs) reported by Operation Sovereign Borders (OSB).

In its monthly update, the Australian Border Force also confirmed that no UMAs were transferred from Australia to a regional processing country, either as new arrivals or returning after a temporary purpose in Australia.

Additionally, no UMAs voluntarily returned to their country of origin from a regional processing country during the same period.

Less than five UMAs transferred from a regional processing country to Australia for medical purposes or were accompanying family members.

It’s important to note that UMAs under regional processing arrangements in Nauru are not in detention, and all persons reside in community accommodation with no restrictions on their movement.

The processing of UMA protection claims is a matter for the Government of Nauru.

In September, 13 UMAs were resettled in a third country.

The Australian Border Force remains committed to protecting Australia’s borders and ensuring the safety and security of the country’s citizens.

The public can access information on Operation Sovereign Borders’ activities through regular updates on the Australian Border Force website.

For media enquiries, the Home Affairs Media contact is (02) 6264 2211.

Overall, this update highlights the effectiveness of Operation Sovereign Borders in managing unauthorized maritime arrivals while ensuring the humane treatment of those seeking asylum.