Payroll Jobs in Australia Rise 2.0% in February 2024, Education Sector Drives Growth

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According to the latest figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), payroll jobs in Australia experienced a 2.

February 2024.

This rise follows the regular seasonal pattern of business activity picking up as individuals return to work after their summer break.

Bjorn Jarvis, the head of labour statistics at ABS, highlighted that the growth in payroll jobs during this period aligns with the trends observed since 2020.

He specifically mentioned the Education and training sector’s strong contribution, which remains consistent year after year, even amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

This sector traditionally sees a surge in employment as students return to their studies and workers resume their roles.

Although the annual growth in payroll jobs during 2023-24 has been slower compared to the previous year, it is essential to acknowledge that this deceleration comes after a period of robust growth in 2022-23, as stated by Mr Jarvis.

Notably, payroll jobs increased across all states and territories from mid-January to mid-February, with the most substantial rises observed in Northern Territory (3.

Victoria (2.

South Australia (2.

The Education and training industry played a significant role in this growth, accounting for approximately 44% of the total rise in payroll jobs, as students returned to their studies and industry workers resumed their roles.

Overall, these statistics signify a positive trend in the Australian job market, with the education sector acting as a driving force behind the recent increase in payroll jobs.