Uncertainties linger for workers as Eraring coal deal receives six-month extension

Australia, Workforce

Article: The recent announcement of a six-month extension to the Eraring coal deal between Origin Energy and Centennial Coal has brought some relief, but uncertainties still loom large for workers at the Myuna and Mandalong coal mines. The Mining and Energy Union (MEU) has expressed concerns that this short-term arrangement does not guarantee a secure future for the workers.

While the extension of Eraring Power Station’s operating life until 2027 is a positive development, the MEU argues that workers will find themselves in the same predicament in six months’ time. Robin Williams, the Northern Mining and NSW Energy District President, urged for a longer-term agreement that takes into consideration the security enjoyed by Origin Energy. Williams emphasized that the livelihoods of coal miners depend on supplying coal to the power station and thus should be included in any long-term solution.

As the MEU continues to engage with its members and Origin Energy, it remains hopeful that a more sustainable and secure arrangement can be reached, offering lasting job security for the workers involved in the Eraring coal deal.