ABF keeps Melbourne streets safe with interception of over 15,000 dangerous weapons

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Article: In the ongoing fight against organised crime, the Australian Border Force (ABF) continues to keep Melbourne citizens safe by intercepting tens of thousands of dangerous weapons.

ABF’s latest statistics show a staggering 15,000 potentially deadly items confiscated at the border, such as imitation firearms, knives, and trip alarms.

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Australia monthly – and at least one-fifth of those entering Melbourne’s ports – ABF officers examine each package with meticulous attention.

In 2022-2023 alone, ABF inspected around 25 million international mail items, 75,000 air cargo consignments, and 56,000 sea cargo consignments at the border.

ABF superintendent Tori Rosemond emphasised the critical role of ABF officers in identifying and stopping illegal firearms and accessories, which enable criminal syndicates and outlaw motorcycle gangs to conduct nefarious activities within Australia.

She praised ABF’s advanced data processes and officers’ extraordinary skills in recognizing illicit items hidden within packages.

The ABF employs an intelligence-informed approach and deploys various tools, including detector dogs, x-rays, substance and trace detection technologies,” explained Rosemond.

In addition to the arsenal of detection tools at their disposal, ABF officers remain vigilant to criminal tactics and constantly evolve their targeting strategies.

In the battle against criminal syndicates attempting to bring harmful weapons into the country, the ABF proudly supports its law enforcement partners.

The community can rest assured that the ABF remains dedicated to preventing dangerous weapons from reaching the streets of Melbourne and maintaining the safety of all Australians.