Access Canberra Embraces Accessibility with New Initiatives

ACT, Australia

In a stride towards inclusivity, Access Canberra has joined the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower initiative, supporting customers with disabilities, conditions, or chronic illnesses that are not immediately apparent. This initiative empowers individuals to voluntarily share their hidden disabilities by wearing a sunflower lanyard or pin, signaling they may need extra help, understanding, or time. Access Canberra staff, who have undergone training for this purpose, will wear supporter pins to indicate their readiness to provide proactive support.

Furthermore, recognizing the needs of neurodiverse individuals, Access Canberra has introduced a weekly quiet hour at 10 am to 11 am every Wednesday across its Service Centres. This initiative aims to provide a calmer, less stimulating environment for customers.

Minister for Government Services and Regulatory Reform, Tara Cheyne, emphasized the importance of inclusive support for all. Access Canberra has also implemented language diversity, with staff speaking multiple languages, including Hindi, Punjabi, Japanese, Vietnamese, French, Thai, Greek, Gujarati, Croatian, Tibetan, and Indian.

Access Canberra encourages the community to be patient and kind to staff while visiting Service Centres or conducting transactions over the phone. More information about these initiatives is available on the Access Canberra website.