ACT Government Invests $188 Million for Affordable and Public Housing

ACT, Australia

Article: The ACT Government is set to deliver more housing in the territory with significant investments in this year’s budget to build more homes for those in need. The government has allocated a total of $188 million for affordable and public housing initiatives. This includes expanding the Affordable Housing Project Fund to $80 million to increase the number of affordable rental properties, as well as $108 million in additional funding for new public housing and improving existing public housing. Furthermore, a taskforce will be established to improve repairs and maintenance of public housing, as well as overseeing a pilot for insourcing maintenance of multi-unit properties. These initiatives will ensure that the housing needs of the growing city, projected to reach 500,000 people by 2027, are met. The government has also released the ACT Housing Strategy 5-Year Snapshot and is committed to providing 600 additional affordable rentals and 400 additional public housing dwellings.