ACT Government Invests $24.9 Million in Literacy and Numeracy Education for Public Schools

ACT, Australia

Article: The ACT Government has announced a $24.9 million investment in literacy and numeracy education for public schools over the next four years. The move comes in response to the Final Report of the Literacy and Numeracy Education Expert Panel, which recommended a system-wide approach to teaching and learning. The new initiative, called Strong Foundations, will provide evidence-informed and consistent teaching practices in every classroom, as well as common assessments and resources for parents to support their children’s learning. Schools will also receive additional funding for teaching materials and equipment, and teachers will have access to more centralized support and resources. The goal is to ensure that every student at an ACT public school has access to high-quality literacy and numeracy education. The full four-year implementation plan for Strong Foundations will be shared with the community later this year.