ACT Invites Feedback on Draft Charter for Carers

ACT, Australia

The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Government is developing a Charter for Carers involved with ACT child protection services (Charter for Carers) and is seeking input from kinship and foster carers, as well as other interested parties. Minister for Children, Youth and Family Services Rachel Stephen-Smith stated that the Charter for Carers will complement existing charters for parents and families involved with child protection services and the Charter of Rights for Kids in Care. The goal is to ensure consistency across standards of behavior for all groups. The Charter will focus on the expectations and responsibilities unique to carers, aligning with the government’s obligations under the Carer Recognition Act 2021. The ACT Government is committed to building trust and transparency across the child protection system under Next Steps for Our Kids 2022-2030. Carers are encouraged to share their feedback on the draft Charter to ensure it resonates with those it is intended to support and empower. The consultation period is now open, and feedback can be provided at the YourSay consultation page: