“ACT Launches ‘Outsmart the Offender’ Community Safety Campaign”

ACT, Australia

Article: The ACT Government has launched a new community-wide initiative called ‘Outsmart the Offender’ to promote simple steps for protecting personal property. The campaign, led by the ACT Government in collaboration with ACT Policing (ACTP), ACT Neighbourhood Watch, and ACT Region Crime Stoppers, focuses on three key pillars: transport security, dwelling security, and community engagement. The campaign encourages Canberrans to secure their vehicles and bikes with quality locks and alarms, lock doors and windows even when at home, and get to know their neighbours to watch out for each other and report concerns to the police. The nine-week campaign will feature web banners and short videos on social media and the ACTP website, as well as advertisements in public transport and retail centres. Minister for Police and Crime Prevention Mick Gentleman emphasised the importance of community collaboration in crime prevention, stating that the campaign aims to empower individuals and communities to take action and create a safer and more secure Canberra for everyone. Chief Police Officer Scott Lee echoed this sentiment, stating that property crime is a concern for everyone and urged Canberrans to take simple steps to secure their belongings and stay vigilant for suspicious activity. The campaign will run for nine weeks, starting from 1st July 2024.