ACT Probes Potential Avian Influenza Outbreak

ACT, Australia

In a recent update, the ACT Government announced its investigation into a suspected case of Avian influenza (bird flu). Environment Minister Rebecca Vassarotti assured the public that the risk to human health remains low, as transmission to humans is very rare and unlikely unless there is direct and close contact with infected birds. She further emphasized that Avian influenza is not a food safety concern, and eating properly handled and cooked poultry meat, eggs, and egg products is safe.

The current outbreaks in Australia, which are of the H7 strain, are not the same as the high pathogenicity avian influenza H5 strains that have raised concerns internationally. The ACT Government is working closely with colleagues in NSW, and Minister Vassarotti expressed her gratitude to the NSW Minister for Agriculture, Tara Moriarty, for her assistance in addressing this biosecurity issue collaboratively.

As the investigation progresses, the ACT Government will update the community and local industry on any new developments. Vassarotti urged egg producers in the ACT to adopt good biosecurity practices to reduce the risk of a broader outbreak. The community is advised to remain vigilant and follow any recommended safety guidelines.