“AFP Exclusive Podcast Series Provides Insight into Crime-Fighting Successes”

Australia, Police


The Australian Federal Police (AFP) is offering exclusive access to its case vault through a captivating podcast series, providing listeners with a detailed insight into how the agency interrupts the most serious of crimes. Season 2 of the podcast, titled “Crime Interrupted,” will showcase the AFP’s efforts in countering terrorism, tackling child care fraud, exposing foreign bribery, busting national fraud schemes, and bringing down criminal syndicates.

The podcast series, released monthly beginning on April 14, 2023, delves into the thrilling world of crime prevention and investigation. Listeners can expect compelling stories of the AFP’s relentless pursuit of justice and its successful collaborations with partner agencies.

One of the featured cases involves the Joint Counter Terrorism Team’s swift action to avert a terrorist attack in Melbourne’s CBD. The AFP had only days to dismantle the plot hatched by four young men.

Another intriguing case revolves around the dismantling of a multi-million dollar child care fraud syndicate. The AFP meticulously put together the pieces of the puzzle to bring down the fraudsters.

The podcast series will also shed light on Operation Blare, which marks the second prosecution of foreign bribery in Australia’s history. Listeners will get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the investigation into this rare form of corruption.

Operation Boscobel is another riveting case covered in the series. The AFP, along with other agencies, uncovered a massive national fraud involving tens of millions of dollars. The investigators meticulously documented the illicit transactions, resulting in successful court proceedings against the six main players.

Operation Birks, another noteworthy case, saw the AFP and its partners take down a syndicate involved in stealing millions of dollars from everyday Australians’ superannuation funds and share trading accounts.

Last but not least, the podcast will explore Operation Collage, which delves into the takedown of an international drug smuggling syndicate. The operation involved the seizure of 400kg of cocaine, with surprising links to bad weather off the Australian east coast and the purchase of Australian oranges.

The “Crime Interrupted” podcast series by the AFP promises to captivate true-crime enthusiasts and provide an unprecedented glimpse into the agency’s relentless efforts to keep the Australian community safe. Tune in to hear thrilling tales of crime-fighting successes and the dedication of the men and women in uniform who work tirelessly behind the scenes.