APRA Unveils Inaugural Quarterly Fund-Level Statistics,


Article: The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) has released a trifecta of publications, offering unprecedented insights into the superannuation industry. The publications include the Quarterly Superannuation Industry Publication, Quarterly Superannuation Product Statistics, and the highly anticipated inaugural Quarterly Fund-Level Statistics. These documents provide a comprehensive overview of the superannuation sector’s performance and are now available on APRA’s website. The Fund-Level Statistics, a new addition, offers a more granular view of the industry, allowing for a deeper understanding of individual funds’ performance. APRA’s commitment to transparency and data-driven regulation is evident in these publications. Interested parties can access the documents on APRA’s website or request a copy via email or post. For historical context, APRA’s website snapshots are available on the Australian Government web archive.