“Australia Pushes for National Human Rights Act Amidst Rising Elder Abuse and Gender-Based Violence”

Australia, Human Rights

Article: Australia is on the brink of a historic moment as advocates push for a National Human Rights Act. The move comes amidst a cost-of-living crisis that has led to an increased risk of elder abuse, as warned by Age Discrimination Commissioner Robert Fitzgerald AM. The nation is in dire need of bolstering its efforts to address this nationwide problem. The proposed act is part of a revitalized Human Rights Framework, bringing Australia closer to establishing the basic legal protections its citizens need.

The call for a Human Rights Act has been echoed by more than 700 human rights advocates across the country, including over 60 eminent experts. This collective voice was amplified at a major national conference in Sydney. The gathering was also graced by the inspiring speech of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner Katie Kiss, who emphasized the need for real change using the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

In addition to the rising elder abuse, Australia is grappling with an epidemic of gendered violence. In the past weeks, tens of thousands of Australians have united in a single message: no more violence against women. The nation has seen three more women killed since the emergency National Cabinet was called. The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner has marked the start of Reconciliation Week by calling on Australians to overcome generations of disadvantage and division when it comes to First Nations rights.

The proposed Human Rights Act, along with the revitalized Human Rights Framework, aims to address these pressing issues and forge a path for unity. The nation is hopeful that these efforts will lead to a more equitable and just society for all Australians.