“Australia Urged to Tackle Elder Abuse Amid Cost-of-Living Crisis”,

Australia, Human Rights

As Australia grapples with the ongoing cost-of-living crisis, Age Discrimination Commissioner Robert Fitzgerald AM warns of an increased risk of elder abuse. In a recent statement, Fitzgerald emphasized the need for Australia to bolster its efforts to address this nationwide problem. Elder abuse, defined as harm done to an older person by someone they trust, is a growing concern amidst the economic strain. The Commissioner’s warning comes as more than 700 human rights advocates from across Australia have called on the Federal Government to introduce a Human Rights Act. This call was amplified at a major national conference in Sydney, where more than 60 eminent experts urged for a revitalized Human Rights Framework. The appointment of Hugh de Kretser as the President of the Commission, a dedicated advocate for human rights, is expected to further propel this cause. As the nation navigates these challenges, the spotlight on human rights and the protection of the vulnerable, particularly the elderly, intensifies.