“Australian Border Force Thwarts Two People Smuggling Ventures in May 2024”

Australia, Police


In a statement released on June 27, 2024, the Australian Border Force (ABF) provided an update on Operation Sovereign Borders (OSB) activities related to the reception and processing of unauthorised maritime arrivals (UMAs) for May 2024.

In a significant operation, Australian authorities successfully intercepted nine people from two maritime people smuggling ventures.

These ventures, which violate Australia’s immigration laws, were stopped from reaching the country’s shores.

Four individuals from one of the ventures were safely returned to Vietnam, following close cooperation with the Vietnamese Government.

This collaborative effort underscores the commitment of both nations to tackle illegal migration.

The remaining five individuals from the other venture were safely turned back to their country of departure.

This action was taken in accordance with Australia’s protection obligations, ensuring the country’s borders remain secure.

No UMAs were transferred from Australia to a regional processing country during this period.

However, less than five UMAs were resettled in a third country, underscoring Australia’s commitment to finding safe and legal resettlement options for those in need.

This successful operation highlights the ongoing efforts of the Australian Border Force to maintain national security and protect its borders while upholding its international obligations.