Australian Broadacre Crops Surpass $28.9 Billion in Value, Wheat and Canola Lead the Way

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According to the latest data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), the value of broadacre crops in Australia reached an impressive $28.

The ABS report highlighted that wheat and canola had outstanding performances, with 41.

In the realm of horticulture crops, including wine grapes, the local value amounted to $17.

Fruit took the lead, contributing $7.

On the livestock front, the value of disposals experienced a slight decline of one percent, reaching $23.

Cattle remained the largest contributor, despite a 2.

However, poultry production defied the trend, witnessing a remarkable increase of 15.

The ABS also provided valuable regional insights, revealing that Morawa in Western Australia had the highest wheat production at 2.

Similarly, Western Australia excelled in canola and barley production, with Esperance Surrounds producing 538,000 tonnes of canola and Kulin contributing 1.

The ABS’s modernization efforts have been instrumental in gathering agriculture statistics through innovative methods and leveraging existing data sources.

By partnering with industry experts and utilizing satellite-derived crop mapping and administrative levy payer data, the ABS is now able to provide more detailed regional information, showcasing the true foundation of Australian agriculture.

The ABS expresses its gratitude to industry, academia, and farmers for their collaboration in this modernization process.

By eliminating the need for annual farm surveys and relying on existing data sources, the ABS has not only reduced the burden on Australian farmers but also ensured the production of trusted and accurate agriculture statistics.