Avian Influenza Detected in the ACT

ACT, Australia

Article: In a recent development, the ACT Government has confirmed that a site in the Australian Capital Territory has tested positive for the presence of Avian Influenza, also known as bird flu. The specific strain detected is HPAI H7N8. The positive test result is an outcome from tracing and surveillance activities, according to Minister for the Environment, Parks and Land Management.

A quarantine order, including movement restrictions, has been issued for the control area, which spans a 10km radius around the infected property. The property in question was traced from an infected site in New South Wales. The ACT Government had previously assessed the biosecurity of the site and initiated a surveillance program, leading to this positive detection.

Reassuring the public, the Minister stated that human cases of Avian Influenza are rare and that any suspected or confirmed cases must be reported immediately to the Emergency Animal Disease Hotline. The Minister also emphasized that Avian Influenza is not a food safety concern, and it is safe to consume poultry meat, eggs, and egg products, provided they are properly handled and cooked.

The ACT Government is currently developing health information and advice for anyone concerned about potential contact with the virus. The situation is being closely monitored, and updates will be provided to the community and local industry as more information becomes available. For more information on the current disease situation and movement restrictions, visit outbreak.gov.au or the ACT Environment website.