Canberra to Get New Recycling Facility with City Services Budget Boost

ACT, Australia

Article: Canberra is set to receive a new recycling facility, following an investment of $26 million from both the ACT and Australian Governments. The facility, to be built on the site of a previously damaged facility, will feature new technology to improve the sorting and processing of glass, plastic, paper, and cardboard. This project aims to increase resource recovery and create higher quality recycled products, ultimately reducing the amount of waste ending up in landfills.

The 2024-25 ACT Budget will also support new and upgraded community facilities and infrastructure across the city. This includes a $2.5 million investment in new toilets, an upgraded toilet at Mawson Shops, and a new toilet near Bizant Street in Amaroo. Over $2 million will be allocated for the renewal of the city’s playgrounds and skateparks, as well as safety improvement works, mulch and rubber soft fall top-ups, and a program of regular audits and inspections.

The budget will also respond to common requests at local libraries, improving building security, and investing in new portable phone chargers and more power boards and charging stations. Other initiatives include funding for master planning of upgrades to the Mugga Lane and Hume Resource Management Centres, upgrades to dams, and security upgrades to TCCS sites.

In light of the evolving housing mix, the FOGO (Food Organics and Garden Organics) pilot will be expanded to include more households in different types of multi-unit developments. This will provide more insights into how these households engage with the service. The budget will also commit $5.824 million towards a new baseline of city maintenance, reinforcing resources in mowing, in-house traffic management, and tree management teams.

Canberra’s Chief Minister, Andrew Barr, stated that this investment will ensure the city remains resilient and flexible to shifting horticulture maintenance needs. Minister for City Services, Tara Cheyne, also expressed pleasure at the commencement of work on the new recycling facility, which has been long-awaited in the city.