Eritrea-Born Man Charged with Alleged Visa Breaches in Melbourne,

Australia, Police

Article: An Eritrea-born man is set to face charges in the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court for allegedly failing to comply with his visa-mandated curfew conditions and failing to maintain his electronic monitoring device. The Australian Federal Police (AFP) charged the 36-year-old man after locating him in Footscray.

According to the AFP, it is alleged that the man violated the conditions of his Commonwealth visa between April 22 and May 27, 2024, by failing to adhere to his residential curfew obligations and neglecting to maintain his electronic monitoring device.

If convicted, the man could face a maximum penalty of five years’ imprisonment and a fine of up to $93,900 for each offense. The charges highlight the significance of complying with visa conditions, especially those related to curfews and monitoring devices.

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