EU Deploys Aerial Firefighters to Combat Albanian Wildfires

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In response to Albania’s request for assistance via the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, Greece has dispatched four planes to quell the wildfires raging across the Dropull municipality. Janez Lenarčič, the Commissioner for Crisis Management, affirmed the EU’s commitment to cross-border unity, stating: “Wildfires know no borders. The EU has mobilised firefighting airplanes from Greece to support the local first responders in Albania in their fight against the wildfires. We stand ready to further support Albania if needed.”

Thanks to the collective efforts of first responders, the situation has shown improvement overnight. However, the EU’s Emergency Response Coordination Centre remains vigilant and ready to provide additional support should the need arise. This summer, the Commission has strategically stationed 556 firefighters from 12 countries across Europe, particularly in high-risk regions such as France, Greece, Portugal, and Spain. Furthermore, the EU has established a dedicated rescEU fleet, comprising 28 airplanes and 4 helicopters, to combat wildfires across the continent.