Exhibition Park in ACT set for major upgrades and expansion in 2024-25 Budget

ACT, Australia

Article: Canberra’s Exhibition Park (EPIC) is set for significant upgrades and expansion, with the upcoming 2024-25 Territory Budget investing in the precinct’s development. The Government has committed to a $4.6 million upgrade of the Fitzroy Pavilion, which will accommodate large-scale events, weddings, and festivals. The refurbished Pavilion is expected to reopen for community use in the coming months.

The Budget will also fund the initial planning phase for a new, large-scale multipurpose function centre. Additionally, plans are underway to relocate EPIC’s main entrance to be opposite the light rail stop, enhancing accessibility for large events.

To ensure a smooth transition, the Thoroughbred Park Housing and Revitalisation Steering Committee has been established. Its role includes preparing advice on development options, optimal delivery models, and the potential declaration of an urban renewal site. This approach was successfully utilized in the past for the UNSW campus establishment in Parkes and Reid.

Thoroughbred Park, a site earmarked for urban renewal, is expected to provide more housing and commercial opportunities, contributing to the economic diversification of the Canberra Racing Club. The Club and the Government have outlined this strategy in a Memorandum of Understanding.