Growing Cost-of-Living Crisis Raises Concerns about Elder Abuse,

Australia, Human Rights

Article: Age Discrimination Commissioner Robert Fitzgerald AM has issued a warning about the potential increase in elder abuse due to the ongoing cost-of-living crisis in Australia. He emphasizes the urgent need for the country to strengthen its efforts in addressing this nationwide problem.

Elder abuse refers to any harm inflicted on older individuals. With the cost of living continuously rising, older Australians are at a higher risk of experiencing abuse, including financial exploitation, neglect, and physical or emotional harm.

Commissioner Fitzgerald’s concerns come as more than 700 human rights advocates, including over 60 eminent experts, gather in Sydney to call on the Federal Government to introduce a Human Rights Act. This push for greater legal protections aligns with the need to address elder abuse and ensure the well-being of vulnerable individuals.

It is crucial for Australia to prioritize the implementation of comprehensive measures to prevent and combat elder abuse. Through public awareness campaigns, improved support services, and legislative reforms, the country can create a safer environment for its aging population.