Home is Where the Theft Is: ABS Reveals Alarming Statistics on Motor Vehicle and Property Theft,

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Article: Over half of motor vehicle thefts and three-quarters of thefts from a motor vehicle occurred at a home in the past year, as unveiled by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

The data highlights a concerning trend in property crime in Australia.

According to William Milne, ABS head of crime and justice statistics, approximately 55,000 households experienced motor vehicle theft, with 59% of these incidents taking place at the victims’ or someone else’s residence.

What is even more alarming is that 86% of these households reported the thefts to the police, indicating a high police reporting rate.

This makes motor vehicle theft the most reported crime type in the survey.

Moreover, around 220,000 households had items stolen from their vehicles, with 73% of these incidents occurring when the motor vehicles were parked at home.

The survey also revealed that similar types of items were stolen during household break-ins, affecting around 185,000 households.

Approximately 69% of these households reported that something was stolen during the break-in.

Among the commonly stolen items during theft from a motor vehicle or household break-ins were money, purses or wallets, and personal belongings such as jewelry, clothing, and keys.

The ABS report emphasized that the prevalence and police reporting rates for all household crimes remained stable compared to the previous survey conducted in 2021-22.

The Crime Victimisation Survey provides valuable insights into the socio-demographic characteristics of victims, the reporting rates to police, and other key details of the incidents.

As these statistics bring attention to the prevalence of property theft in residential areas, it is crucial for individuals to take necessary precautions to protect their homes and vehicles.

Increased awareness, secure locking mechanisms, and timely reporting to the police can help deter criminals and ensure a safer community for all Australians.