Juvenile Chinese National Charged in Western Australia for Attempted Methamphetamine Import,

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Article: The Australian Federal Police (AFP) has made a significant arrest in Western Australia, charging a 17-year-old Chinese national with attempting to import 8kg of methamphetamine into the country. The investigation, supported by Hong Kong authorities and the Australian Border Force (ABF), resulted in the seizure of a consignment from Hong Kong containing 6kg of cocaine back in early June. This initial interception led to the collaborative efforts of the AFP and ABF officers in Hong Kong, who successfully intercepted an additional 8kg of methamphetamine concealed inside stone statue pedestals destined for Western Australia.

On June 25, AFP investigators executed a search warrant at an East Perth apartment, where they allegedly found a package of approximately 1kg of methamphetamine. The authorities also seized evidence connected to the attempted methamphetamine importation, including scales and clip seal bags used for drug distribution. The 17-year-old male resident of the apartment was subsequently arrested and charged.

Methamphetamine, being the second-most consumed illicit drug in Australia, poses a significant threat to communities nationwide. Detective Sergeant Tom Blakeley of the AFP emphasized the importance of the united front of law enforcement in combating cross-border drug trafficking networks. The successful seizures in Hong Kong and Australia could have accounted for approximately 90,000 individual street deals, highlighting the potential harm that these drug syndicates can inflict.

The Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department also seized an additional 4kg of methamphetamine and 500 grams of liquid methamphetamine, charging a 27-year-old Chinese citizen residing in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region with three counts of drug trafficking related to these seizures.

Acting Inspector Alexandar Dzajkoski of the ABF commended the diligent work of frontline officers in intercepting illicit substances, emphasizing the agency’s commitment to preventing harm to the Australian community by disrupting the business model of criminals involved in drug trafficking.

The AFP and its international counterparts continue to work together to identify all individuals involved in attempting to smuggle illicit drugs into Australia. The severity of these charges against the 17-year-old Chinese national could result in life imprisonment if convicted.

As the fight against illicit drugs continues, it is crucial to provide support and information to individuals affected by drug abuse. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, please reach out to the following services:

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