Mining Union Files Same Job Same Pay Applications for BHP Labour Hire Miners

Australia, Workforce

Article: The Mining and Energy Union has taken a stand against unfair wages in the mining industry by filing Same Job Same Pay applications for approximately 1700 labour hire workers at three BHP coal mines in Queensland. The applications, submitted to the Fair Work Commission, aim to regulate labour hire arrangements and ensure equal pay for these workers. If approved, the orders could result in pay increases ranging from $10,000 to $40,000 per year, depending on various factors such as skills and current remuneration.

The President of MEU Queensland, Mitch Hughes, emphasized the importance of addressing the labour hire model used by BHP, which has contributed to lower wages and job insecurity in the industry. He stated that the applications mark a significant step towards eliminating this model and closing the loopholes that allow companies like BHP to avoid paying fair rates.

The MEU plans to continue filing Same Job Same Pay applications across the coal industry, including at other BHP coal operations. This move aims to address the widespread issue of unfair wages and improve job security for workers in the mining sector.