“Northern Territory Police and ABF Uncover $7 Million Drug Haul in Operation Winfield”,

Australia, Police


In a major blow to organized crime, the Northern Territory Police, in partnership with the Australian Border Force (ABF), Australian Federal Police (AFP), and Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission, have seized $7 million worth of illicit drugs as part of Operation Winfield.

The joint operation targeted significant suppliers of cocaine and methamphetamine, resulting in the arrest of three men and the interception of 6kg of cocaine and 5kg of methamphetamine.

The drugs, concealed in air cargo, were destined for the Darwin market and were allegedly distributed by an international syndicate.

The swift action by law enforcement agencies led to the simultaneous arrests of two men, aged 24, as they took possession of the drugs.

A third man, aged 28, was arrested later in connection with the alleged drug syndicate.

Detective Superintendent Lee Morgan praised the interagency cooperation, stating that it contributed greatly to the successful outcome of the operation.

The ABF, AFP, and Northern Territory Police have vowed to continue working collaboratively to combat serious organized crime syndicates, with more arrests anticipated locally, interstate, and internationally.