Over 792,600 Legal Assistance Services Provided in Australia in 2022-23,

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According to new experimental national statistics released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), over 792,600 legal assistance services were completed across Australia in the financial year 2022-23.

These services were provided using funding provided under the National Legal Assistance Partnership Agreement (2020-25).

The dataset offers a snapshot of the types of services provided by Legal Aid Commissions, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Services, and Community Legal Centres.

The data reveals that more than half of the services completed during the period were legal advice, with approximately 409,970 clients seeking advice to resolve their legal problems.

Additionally, 180,527 services were duty lawyer services, where a lawyer is assigned to provide free legal assistance to individuals with matters before a court or tribunal.

Of the 426,930 clients who received completed services, just over half were female, while 46 percent were male.

These statistics highlight the importance of legal assistance services in addressing the needs of both genders.

This release of legal assistance statistics fills a crucial gap in available data and serves as the foundation for a national evidence base.

It will inform service planning and delivery for vulnerable and disadvantaged Australians who face barriers to accessing legal assistance.

The ABS plans to continue collaborating with the legal services sector and governments to expand and enhance the available statistics.

It is important to note that the data presented in this release only represents a portion of the services provided by legal assistance organizations.

The complexity of the services and the resources used to deliver them are not reflected in these statistics.

While these statistics are deemed experimental by the ABS, they provide valuable insights into the legal assistance landscape in Australia.

Users of the data are urged to exercise caution in interpreting and drawing conclusions from the results.

Detailed methodology information is available for further understanding.

The ABS expresses gratitude to the legal assistance services sector for their ongoing efforts in creating this national publication and working towards improving the data for future releases.

The data reporting requirements are based on the National Legal Assistance Partnership Agreement (2020-25), which aims to enhance legal support services across the country.

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The full National Legal Assistance Partnership Agreement (2020-25) can be accessed on the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department website for those interested in learning more about the agreement’s details.