Pacific Transnational Crime Network Conference Strengthens Partnerships to Combat Transnational Crime in the Pacific

Australia, Police


Law enforcement agencies from across the Pacific region converged in Brisbane this week for the annual Pacific Transnational Crime Network (PTCN) Team Leaders Conference. With the theme of “Enhancing partnerships to strike transnational crime in the Pacific,” the conference provided an opportunity for representatives from 20 Pacific countries to discuss and learn about the best strategies to counter emerging threats in the region.

Topics of discussion included child exploitation, illicit drugs, illegal logging, as well as tactics employed by criminal syndicates such as black flights and dark vessel detections. These tactics aim to transport illicit goods while evading law enforcement.

The PTCN, established in 2002, is a Pacific-led initiative that aims to combat transnational crime in the region by utilizing a multi-agency and regional approach. With Australia as a founding member, the network has grown to include 20 member countries, 28 transnational crime units, and two official partner organizations.

During the conference, representatives engaged in face-to-face talks known as “Talanoas,” fostering information sharing and strengthening relationships among PTCN members. The event highlighted the commitment of member countries to work together, guided by the principle of being “By the Pacific, For the Pacific.”

Detective Acting Superintendent Simon Teece of the Australian Federal Police (AFP) emphasized the importance of information sharing in the fight against transnational crime. The AFP remains dedicated to supporting the vision and goals of the PTCN in ensuring safety and security in the Pacific region.

The conference served as a platform for law enforcement agencies to address the challenges facing their communities and learn from the experiences and insights of their counterparts. Strengthening ties and collaboration among Pacific policing partners is vital in the united effort to combat transnational crime.

The PTCN continues to play a critical role in providing proactive criminal intelligence and investigative capabilities to combat transnational crime in the Pacific. By working together, law enforcement agencies aim to create a safe and secure environment for the Pacific region and its communities.

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