South Australian Man Sentenced to Three Years for Possessing Child Abuse Material,

Australia, Police

The South Australian Joint Anti Child Exploitation (SA JACET) team, which comprises officers from the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and South Australia Police, identified the man and executed a search warrant at his home in June 2023. During the search, several electronic devices, including a desktop computer and external hard drives, were seized for further examination, and child abuse material was found on some of those devices. The man was subsequently arrested.

This sentencing highlights the crucial role of the community in reporting suspicious behavior. AFP Sergeant Joe Barry emphasized the importance of information provided by the community in identifying individuals involved in the exploitation or abuse of children. The AFP will continue to collaborate with local, Commonwealth, and international law enforcement partners to bring offenders to justice.

Online child abuse causes significant harm to victims, who suffer each time their abuse is accessed and shared. The sentencing serves as a reminder of the commitment by the AFP and its partners to combat child exploitation and abuse.

The Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation (ACCCE) is at the forefront of this collaborative effort, working to develop prevention strategies and support investigations into online child sexual exploitation. The ACCCE encourages members of the public to report any information about individuals involved in child abuse via their website.

It is essential for parents and carers to engage in conversations about online safety with their children. Research conducted by the ACCCE in 2020 revealed that only about half of parents talked to their children about online safety. The AFP-led education program, ThinkUKnow, provides advice and support for parents and carers to help protect children from online child sexual exploitation.

The sentencing of the South Australian man sends a strong message that possession of child abuse material will not be tolerated. Law enforcement agencies, such as the AFP and SA JACET, will continue to work diligently to identify offenders and ensure they are brought to justice.