Urgent Call for Ceasefire and Humanitarian Access in Gaza

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In a recent statement, Commissioner for Crisis Management, Janez Lenarčič, expressed the urgent need for a ceasefire and humanitarian access in Gaza. Lenarčič represented the European Commission at the Gaza Humanitarian Summit in Amman, where he emphasized the necessity of ending the suffering of the people in Gaza.

Despite the tireless efforts of humanitarian actors over the past eight months, the amount of aid allowed into Gaza has reached unacceptably low levels. This has resulted in a severe humanitarian crisis, with the majority of the population in Gaza fully dependent on aid.

Lenarčič stressed the importance of a ceasefire to deliver life-saving aid to those in need and secure the release of hostages. Additionally, he highlighted the need to protect and facilitate the vital work of United Nations agency staff, who have faced unprecedented attacks during this crisis.

The conference provided an opportunity for the international community to come together and address the urgent priorities in Gaza. These include ensuring full access for humanitarian assistance, protecting civilians, and identifying early recovery priorities.

The humanitarian situation in Gaza is expected to worsen, with severe food insecurity and deteriorating health and sanitation conditions. The Commissioner called for immediate action to prevent further suffering, emphasizing the need to reopen crucial crossing points and ensure the safety of humanitarian personnel.

The EU calls on Israel and all parties involved to abide by International Humanitarian Law to avoid further bloodshed among innocent civilians. The time for action is now. Together, we can prevent this catastrophe and bring hope to the people of Gaza.