Wage Growth Reaches 4.1% in March Quarter 2024, Highest in a Decade

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Article: The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has released the latest Wage Price Index (WPI) data, revealing a significant increase in wage growth in the March quarter of 2024.

The WPI rose by 0.

This marks the highest level of wage growth in a decade, with the private sector leading the way.

In the private sector, annual wage growth reached 4.

However, it is worth noting that this is the first time private sector wage growth has fallen since the third quarter of 2020.

On the other hand, the public sector experienced a slightly lower annual wage growth of 3.

December 2023.

Despite this, it is still higher than the 3.

The ABS head of prices statistics, Michelle Marquardt, highlighted that this is the first time wage growth has remained at or above 4% for three consecutive quarters since March quarter 2009.

This signifies a positive trend in the overall improvement of wages in the country.

It is interesting to note that hourly wage rates rose by 0.

December 2022.

The private sector outperformed the public sector in terms of wage growth, with a 0.

This is the smallest rise for the private sector since March quarter 2022.

Marquardt also explained that the relatively low wage growth in the public sector can be attributed to the implementation of new enterprise agreements and changes to wage caps.

Many jobs covered by these agreements received scheduled rises in the previous quarters, rather than in the March quarter of 2024.

Overall, the latest WPI data brings positive news for Australian workers, with wage growth reaching its highest level in years.

This upward trend in wages is a promising sign for the country’s economic recovery and the financial well-being of individuals and families.